My First Ileoscopy

I mentioned in my most recent post that I had been going through a battery of tests. I wanted to share what happened during my ileoscopy.

First, an ileoscopy is a scope through your stoma. Since I can no longer have colonoscopies (darn!) the only way my doctor can see what is going on with parts of my small intestine is through this type of test.

The day before the test I was on a clear liquid diet. I did have non-red gummy bears though which helped a lot with hunger pains. I recommend asking about that beforehand since every person, test, and situation is different. I don’t like drinking the traditional clear liquids like yellow gatorade, ginger ale, sprite, jello, etc because it brings back memories of previous tests. So I tend to stick with broth of some kind when I am told to follow this type of diet.

I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything (even water) on the day of the test. My appointment was scheduled for late in the afternoon so it was a little difficult not to even be able to sip on anything but obviously nothing I, or most people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, can’t handle. We all deal with so much that this is kind of the least of it, in my opinion.


When I got to the hospital, I checked in and was given a gown to change into. I left my underwear on under the gown, even though they asked me to remove it, because I wanted to try and preserve some dignity. It took four tries (which unfortunately is somewhat normal for me) to get an IV in but once it was in it was pretty much smooth sailing.

I was taken into the procedure room and don’t remember anything once they started giving me propafol. I seriously wish they could give me some in a controlled dose to take home! I did wake up when it was all over saying over and over again that I was still awake. We were finished and I was supposed to be but given some past experiences, I think deep down I am always concerned doctors are going to perform surgery or a procedure thinking I am asleep, when I am really not.

I wasn’t groggy in the recovery room and after speaking to my doctor, I left a short time afterwards. They gave me something to drink and crackers to make sure I was okay eating, which I was.

My doctor was looking for a specific part of my small bowel which he wasn’t able to see or take biopsies of because I have so much scar tissue. The MRE I had a couple of weeks ago showed active inflammatory bowel disease in the upper left portion of my small intestine. That location is frustrating since it can’t be seen through an endoscopy either. which means more tests.

I was really nervous about this test and just want to thank everyone who shared their experiences with me and made me feel like everything was going to be okay. I really appreciate all of you!


  • Sherri Troy

    I try to comment on your posts because I want to help encourage you to share what you’re going through…it helps others and hopefully helps you a bit too…so sorry you’re dealing with all this all the time….here for you my GF, always…<3

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  • treborc

    I’ve had it , and it OK I’ve a spinal injury and my bowel has failed as has my bladder, I went down they gave me my injection and away I drifted, when i woke up I had a headache and felt sick. Since I suffer from massive pain I was then given a large dose of Morphine .

    This procedure has little problems , they found with me the wave motion of my bowel had stopped so now i take powerful medication to get a movement.

    Your right about the drugs to put you to sleep I would like some of that at home so i can go to sleep.

    I hope they can sort out your issues soon but as you know already it is difficult to sort out.

    best wishes