Another Adjustment: IBD, Ostomy and Gastropersis

I have been trying to make some diet alterations based on how my stomach has been feeling. I have also needed to pay extra attention to my ostomy since my skin has been a wreck due to my stomach always being distended.


I have figured out somewhat of a way to keep things at bay (I think) and that is to do a pretty much 80/20 liquid diet. I count gummies as liquid since they have always been good for my stomach and still continue to be. I am sure some of you will think that is odd, but what can I say?:) I have been having a lot of soups and trying to be sure I have at least one smoothie/shake a day.

I have been realizing that given my prior eating habits which have been to not consume pretty much anything besides the bare minimum and plainest of liquid (water, decaf coffee to help flush things out) during the day, I really need to work harder than I ever thought at this “forced upon me diet/lifestyle change” I guess I can call it.

As you can imagine, a mostly liquid diet is difficult enough but when the reality sets in that I am going to have to ingest small things throughout the day after holding off (FOR YEARS) until pretty much 7pm in order to manage my inflammatory bowel disease, it is a hard adjustment. One that I know I will be able to handle just fine as long as it helps me to feel well.. or even better than I do currently do.

I was out of my comfort zone yesterday when I decided to make soup around 10:30am.


It took me about an hour of procrastinating before I actually began enjoying the soup. Then, I wolfed it down because it was so good! :)

I am hoping to leave behind the notion that ingesting things before late afternoon/evening is detrimental to my stomach/health/mental health. It is about the right foods and I know my body will greatly benefit if I eat more throughout the day as well.

Just, another adjustment.. I never thought I would have to make so many regarding eating and the havoc in can cause.

  • Richard Nager

    I have also had to face the fact that I need to eat small meals during the day, some solid food. One hardboiled egg will work for hours.
    Now will try soups again based on your comment. Soups used to mean gas, cramps etc. But I will try organic ones. Any suggestions as to soups or shakes/smoothies? It can be challenging for me to prepare anything when not feeling well. Also, I do try for 50% liquids, but even bottled water can cause bloating. Thanks!

  • Sherri

    So much to deal with! Boggles my mind! But….it’s all about feeling good and if this way of eating helps you feel good that it’s wonderful! And…eating small meals throughout the day is actually good for you…so maybe this will end up being a really good thing on many levels….KNOCK….:)!

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