Getting Through NOW

We should always be conscious of how things will impact our future selves; especially when it comes to your health. It is always important to stay as healthy as possible and take great care of yourself when you are younger, in order to hopefully avoid issues later on in life.

Lately, I have been thinking a little differently. While I obviously care about my future and all of that, sometimes I just want to be out of pain and have relief at that moment. Sometimes, I want to sleep without worrying what sleeping pills may or may not be doing to my brain in 40 years. Sometimes, I just want to be able to do whatever I have to do in order to have a great, productive day with my loved ones.

Sometimes, I need to do whatever I can to merely survive the day.

We don’t know how long we have here on this planet. I find saving things (like relief from discomfort or intense pain) to be a tricky subject. On one hand, we do need to be conscious of long term effects of our actions. But on the other, how long should we be expected to wait around for relief? What good will I be when I am 50 if the next 22 years are spent suffering?

I will have no friends, no significant other, and most people will probably not want to be around me. Heck, I don’t want to be around me when I am feeling so badly.

Just something that has been on my mind.

How do you deal with balancing long term effects from certain things to needing (and wanting) to live a good life now?


  • Sheila Bergquist

    That is such a struggle…trying to make your self feel better, but worrying about taking too many drugs. I feel it’s the quality of life that counts and when you feel that bad, you need relief. The pain is probably doing you more harm than the pills. We just do what we have to. That’s just my humble opinion. Sending you a big hug.