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Phantom Rectum: Oh The Joys

Have any of you heard the term “phantom rectum?” I mean, who hasn’t right? ; ) According to http://www.ostomy-medical-supplies.com/ostomy-surgery/surgery-what-to-expect/ … Phantom Rectum: A “phan­tom rec­tal” sen­sa­tion is when the body feels as if it needs to evacuate—even though the rec­tum is no longer con­nected to the bowel. This is a nor­mal, if dis­con­cert­ing, occur­rence sim­i­lar to the […]

Another Reason Why The “Cure” Word Is Dangerous

If you follow me on twitter (@JournalingIBD) or facebook, you’ll see that I have been pretty driven to have The Crohn’s Colitis Foundation of America (and then hopefully the organization in Canada, CCFA) to remove the word “cure” from their website when it comes to ulcerative colitis. The website says the following about ulcerative colitis: “In one-quarter to […]