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Spring Shopping

I went to spend a couple days with my parents last weekend since it was Mother’s Day and I couldn’t imagine not spending the day with her. We ended up going shopping which is something my mom and I rarely do. Not to get too personal but we both needed underwear and I wanted to make sure […]

Spring is Coming

I know most of you are looking forward to this snowy winter coming to an end. While I don’t love the mountains of snow either, the beginning of spring is a little difficult for me. I used to love everything about the warmer weather. My summer swim team was the greatest. I loved being able […]

Hello September!

I can’t believe it is the beginning of September! This month is special to me for a lot of reasons. It is my birthday month. It represents the beginning of fall and end of my least favorite season, summer. And it also marks the year anniversary of when I really shared my story and started […]