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Day 6: Letters


Write a letter to an older you (tell us what age you are!). What do you want to ask yourself? What lesson do you want to make sure you remember? Dear (95 year old) Marisa, I feel like my entire existence has been in preparation for the moment that you stand today; the point in […]

Never Say Never (separate from #NHBPM)

WTF Quote of the week acceptance A1

When I shared “my story” (http://keepingthingsinsideisbadformyhealth.wordpress.com/2012/09/10/a-little-bit-about-me/), I talked about how I had an ileostomy for three years from 16-19. I also mentioned a great dealabout how there was no way I could ever accept it at that point in my life. Thus, the reason for me having so many kock pouch surgeries. I was fighting […]