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Second Guest Blog Post for #CCEffect Has Been Published

I am excited to share that my second guest blog post for The Crohn’s Colitis Effect, of which I am a monthly contributor, has been published entitled “IBD Patients and Caregivers Have Strong Emotions.” You can find the link here: http://cceffect.org/ibd-patients-caregivers-strong-emotions/ Not to be repetitive, but you won’t be sorry if you head over to […]

World IBD Day Follow Up

I would love to know some things that you guys did to raise awareness on World IBD Day. As I mentioned in this post, I was going to be tweeting facts, thoughts and photos about inflammatory bowel disease every 20 minutes from 12am May 19 until 11:55pm May 19. It felt great and empowering to just talk […]

Living in Chronic Pain part 2

After writing about living with chronic pain, I started thinking that there were so many other areas that this topic creeps into. When you are in a lot of pain, sleep is generally an issue. When sleep is an issue, you are usually tired throughout the day. When you are feeling lethargic (and sometimes moody due […]

Talk it Out

It is really amazing how much better a person can feel just by talking it out. Sometimes, all people need is someone to listen without judgment. Someone who understands, or who at least tries extremely hard to see where you are coming from. Over the years, I have tried a lot of things when I […]