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IBD is SO Complex

I hosted an informal chat on Tuesday night for fellow IBDers with two of my friends, Sara and Jaime, and there were so many interesting things that were brought to the table that night. One thing in particular that I found interesting and a bit shocking was the fact that the majority of people who […]

In a NY minute

My grandfather took a bad fall yesterday afternoon and suffers from severe internal bleeding and brain damage. He is lying in the ICU now being monitored but the likelihood that he is going to make it is incredibly slim and if he does he will have a very poor quality of life. I was never […]

Mental Illness Awareness Week

This week is mental illness awareness week and I wanted to spend a little time talking about how mental illness relates to IBD (ulcerative colitis and crohns disease). Thanks to Oak Park Behavioral Medicine, LLC for providing such amazing statistics and insights into this topic. About 25percent of people will develop a mental illness at […]