Hi everyone:) I wanted to share a new Inflammatory Bowel Disease campaign that I have been working to create with Amber of colitisninja.com for the month of October. We want it to convey the seriousness of Crohn’s Disease and ulcerative colitis while still trying to make it somewhat enjoyable/not too morbid 😉

We know so many of you can talk for hours about some of the horrific things you have experienced as an IBD patient. We want to use the month of October to share some of these stories so others become more aware of how complicated life with this type of chronic illness is- physically and mentally. 

Here is how you can participate:

1) Upload a video (no more than 5minutes) to YouTube or any place on social media using the hashtag #IBDHorrors. Just be sure to make it public so Amber and I can find it.

2) Post a picture on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #IBDHorrors and provide a detailed account of what the photo represents. 

3) Help us spread the word by sharing this campaign via social media. Once the campaign gets going, sharing other people’s experiences would also help us to raise critical awareness of these debilitating diseases. 

4) Share the graphics Amber and I are going to be sharing with all of you. We have a list of complications, IBD facts and other things as the month of October rolls in. 

5) Submit a video or photo to Amber or I privately and we can share it on social media for you anonymously. 

We both would really appreciate any support you can give. So many IBD patients/advocates/caregivers have such a difficult time trying to convey how multifaceted this disease is and we want to help show the world what it is we all go through. And in the process, hope to show others they are not alone. 

At the end of the month, Amber and I will compile the experiences that have been shared into one video/photo collage to make it easier for everyone to see some #IBDHorror stories. 

Be sure to follow me @journalingIBD & Amber @colitisninja on social media to stay updated. 

  • Sherri Troy

    What a wonderful and creative way to help raise awareness of the horrors of IBD….I can think of so many…too many….:(. I’m sure that seeing relatable experiences will help so many feel they are not alone…love you GF…<3