Some Things We Just Never Forget as an IBD or Chronic Illness Patient

“Just think about it Ris. By this time tomorrow you would be all finished with the hard stuff. You’ll relax then get back to swimming and move on from whatever this was.”

My dad said those words to me on the eve of my IBD diagnosis… 15 years ago today. 

It just goes to show you that many of us really do have the mentality of “this can’t really  happen to me or someone I love. It is sad it happens to other people though.”

This has just stood out in my mind for years and years. I think it’s because I want nothing more than to go back to those times when we really believed “this can’t happen to us.” I miss the innocence, I miss the fact that my dad legitimately meant what he said and we all believed it. 

If things go according to plan tomorrow (ha) I’ll write another post “celebrating” / acknowledging July 6. 2000 – the day my world and the lives of my family changed forever