Doctor Visits and Weight Fluctuations with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Do you ever feel like doctors don’t take you as seriously if you’re at a “healthy” weight? From my experiences, doctors have always listened and tried harder when I was at a very low weight. 

Invisible illness is tough for so many reasons. One of them is having doctors truly understand what you’re going through day in and day out- even if you look healthy or are at a perfect weight. 

I have an appointment with a new Gastrointerologists who I’m desperate to form a relationship with but I’m honestly a little scared about meeting him now for the first time. I am the heaviest I’ve been in a while and I want him to take my issues seriously. As many of you already know, being able to keep weight on and not looking like a skeleton are all positives but when we want to be treated, it can damper things. 

I remember going to my internist a few years ago to talk about my med absorption and all I got was how much weight I gained so I must be doing fine. The visit prior I was 90lbs so I really just gained back the weight I desperately needed.

It just sucks that in order to be taken seriously by not only the public, but by people in the medical profession as well ….you have to really look sick.

Anyone feel this way at all? Does your weight fluctuate a lot? Does it impact your treatment? What about your mental health? Is it hard for you to look different a lot of the time? 

  • Paula Sanders

    I totally agree that in order to be taken seriously you need to look sick. I’ve gained at least 10lbs over that last 4 years and I feel like it does impact my ability to be taken seriously. I do still have a distended belly so that makes a difference. ;p I’m lucky though, I have a good GI doctor, and since he missed my stricture for a month and a half 4 years ago he’s been very solicitous. I wish you luck with your new gastrointerologist.