Follow Me on Social Media For World Ostomy Day 2014

I am looking forward to World Ostomy Day tomorrow, Saturday October 4, 2014!

I’m going to be doing a “day in the life” type of thing by posting short videos, lots of pictures, and just little things throughout my day to help others understand what life (or my life I guess) is like now (can always change with inflammatory bowel disease) with an ostomy.

Please follow me on twitter @JournalingIBD and Instagram @rissylauren which is where I’ll be doing a lot of the posting.

Thank you for your support now and always<3




  • Dave

    I just had my stoma reversed on the 2nd. Dammit, I missed world ostomy day!

  • Sherri

    Good luck today…let the world see ALL of you my GF…<3!

  • val0525

    Can’t wait to see your posts!! You inspire so many people!!