Watching a Fellow IBD Advocate Be Our Voice

I am heading to Philadelphia today to watch Frank Garufi Jr of The Crohn’s Colitis Effect participate on a panel (taking place tomorrow, September 16th) which will hopefully help create awareness and educate the people in the healthcare industry who have the power to create change.

We need strong voices to represent the Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis community and I am proud that Frank was chosen to be one of those voices. I know he will articulate all the needs and thoughts of the Inflammatory Bowel Disease community very well.

Please follow along as I will try to post as many pictures, quotes and links on both twitter @JournalingIBD, The Crohn’s Colitis Effect’s twitter @CrohnsEffect and my instagram account @rissylauren.

The actual link to the event will be tweeted soon. :)

  • veganostomy

    Wooo hooo! Looking forward to reading about this!

  • Jodi

    Good Luck Frank! Thank you for being such a strong advocate for the IBD community.

  • Frank Garufi Jr.

    Thank you Marisa, Vegan Ostomy, and Jodi!!! Please send some positive thoughts, vibes, and prayers my way! While I’m use to speaking to an audience, I’m always a little nervous before one of these events! I ALWAYS want to make sure that I’m representing all of you ( the IBD Community ) to the very best of my ability! :)

    • veganostomy

      You’ll be awesome Frank!

  • ryanpstevens

    You will do awesome, Frank and Marisa!

  • Sherri

    Best to Frank! You will do great because you’re so passionate about helping…just be you, because YOU is terrific!

  • val0525

    Congratulations to Frank. I know you will do a good job. I look forward to following on Twitter.

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