Using Doctors?

I received this comment on my post about my experiences with pharmacists:

“The more I hear about the medical profession the more I am convinced that patients and their caregivers need to be their own advocates and take charge of their healthcare needs and then USE the dr’s for their rx pads…..yeesh….”

I hate to say it but I agree one thousand percent. I am so fed up with doctors, their secretaries, not putting patients first, and just not getting the proper respect and treatment I know I deserve.

After being a chronic illness patient since the age of 13, I know what I need. I may not know all of the available options and I certaintly don’t claim to have the intricate medical knowledge of a doctor but what I do know is….

I do not care what 99 percent of doctors have to say to me anymore.

I am sure that sounds harsh, stubborn, insane, and a bunch of other things of that nature. But when you have come across as many doctors as I have (and I know most of you reading this!), have encountered huge mistakes that could have cost you your life if YOU, the patient, wasn’t on top of it, you have a very different mindset than those who have not experienced these things.

That quote resonated with me because seriously… trial and error has been done about 70 times with certain issues I have. I know myself inside and out. I know what I can handle.. not only mentally and physically but with medications as well. I have listened to thousands of doctors over the years and while many have been great, too many have shown me that I cannot let my guard down and allow others to take care of me when I need it most.

And that is one of the scariest things in this world. To me at least. Not being able to know you can let go and that all the proper decisions will be made has wrecked havoc on my journey with inflammatory bowel disease AND my psyche.

I do not trust.

I was once given a medication that almost caused me to kill myself. If it had not been for me knowing deep down something wasn’t right and this wasn’t truly “me” feeling that way, I would have gone through with it. I still have the notes I wrote to the people close to me.

This is a serious issue and I know I am going off on a bunch of tangents but right now…. I fricken hate doctors. I want to use them for their prescription pads and that is it.

End rant.

  • Rach

    Brilliant post Marisa, very well said indeed!! I have always said “you might be the expert in your medical field, but I am the expert on me!” If it offends them, they aren’t the right doctor for me :-)

  • jenipher629

    Marisa – I just wrote you the longest most thoughtful reply because I really related to this post and have the utmost respect and admirarstion for the advocism you do. You don’t alienate anyone and that is the biggest problem I have with blogs/communities re: an illness I’ve lived/nearly died with for 25 years. You are a truly remarkable person. I wish I was note adept at WordPress so you would have gotten the other 10 comments I’ve made

    • Marisa Lauren

      Jen, I appreciate you taking the time to write so much! When I was first reading people’s blogs I did the same exact thing. It was so annoying but eventually you figure it out. I appreciate everything you said so much and am so sorry that you also suffer with this terrible disease. <3

  • Sherri

    GRRR…end rant…can I pick up where you left with you my GF…<3

  • mallory

    Amen! It took months for someone to re-read my ct results and consider the fact that I probably had Crohn’s disease!!!

    • Marisa Lauren

      A joke!!!

  • Sheila Bergquist

    I feel exactly like you do! I loved this rant…and I fricken hate doctors too. I wish there was an alternative to them…maybe someday!