Pharmacists and Chronic Illness

I have been having a ridiculous time getting my doctor on the phone for weeks. I still have not spoken to him but received a call from his secretary today (probably in response to me saying I would have my dad stalk the office again if things did not change.)

She told me she spoke with my doctor and he was giving me two medications. The first one is something I am allergic to and the second is something I have told him I tried three times with no success. Both of these medications are strong and have the ability to really impact my body in terrible ways. If I could have just spoke with him directly for two minutes, I could have explained this and worked things out.

But no. So I just ‘yessed’ my doctor’s secretary on the phone so I could be done with her.

I needed to go to CVS for something unrelated and thought while I was there, I would speak with the pharmacist about my situation. I explained very briefly that I had ulcerative colitis and have had a lot of surgeries. I told her about the reaction I had when I was given this medication intravenously. I expressed my concerns about all of these things. She listened and seemed to really understand.

I told her I would have liked to just been given the medication I had been on until my appointment with him. That way I knew it is safe and I would be fine.

The pharmacist called my doctor’s office right in front of me and of course, got through immediately, whereas I can never even speak to a human being directly. Next time I call, I should pretend I am a pharmacist. Kidding :)

Anyway, I thought this was something worth talking about because this woman was so helpful to me and made me feel like I had someone who knew what she was talking about guide me. She looked through the medication side effects and indications and told me that she didn’t feel this was right for me at all. I greatly appreciated her honest opinion.

She also said that if they carried the medication I needed, she would have given me a couple pills to get me through. Hey what do ya know.. a human being! Shocking to find that nowadays in the healthcare industry, sadly.

I know all pharmacists aren’t the same but I have been fortunate to have encountered a lot of really great ones. And often times, if you are unsure of something, speaking with the pharmacist can really help since we all know it can take a while to get a doctor on the phone.

  • Sherri

    The more I hear about the medical profession the more I am convinced that patients and their caregivers need to be their own advocates and take charge of their healthcare needs and then USE the dr’s for their rx pads…..yeesh….

    • Marisa Lauren

      That is exactly what I think. And a good blog topic ; )

  • Sheila Bergquist

    There is a huge problem with doctors and I’m sick of it. I’ve had so many similar incidents happen because I couldn’t talk directly to the doctor and it is disgusting that we have to go through this sort of thing. I am so glad you found this pharmacist and that she was willing to help. I am starting to believe I should go on the search for a witch doctor…haha…anyone but a “real” doctor! Love your blog!

    • Marisa Lauren

      It is a gigantic problem, Sheila and it has me so fed up and frustrated too. It is dispicable that we have to sometimes spend all day hounding doctors and their offices to do basic things.. things we shouldn’t need to be on top of. My dr prescribed me something I was very allergic to yesterday. If I wasn’t a veteran patient who really looked into everything I put in my body, I would have just taken it and could have died. It is just such a joke we cannot put our trust in other people’s hands when we aren’t well. HUGS to you and thank you soo much for reading my blog!

      • Sheila Bergquist

        It’s really criminal when you think about it. I am so glad you knew better than to take that medicine, but it’s shocking to realize that you had to save your own life, so to speak. A big hug back to you!

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