Feeling Honored

I feel very honored to have been named “Blog of the Week” by Discount Medical Supplies and wanted to share the link with you:



Thank you to everyone who reads my work and has been a great source of support for me and the Inflammatory Bowel Disease community as a whole.

  • Sherri

    yeah you!!!

  • Shawn

    Thank you for this blog!!! Going to be having an ostomy done in December and it will be permanent:( it’s scary I don’t have anyone who knows what it’s like to struggle with crohns and digestive defects like mine. I know that this will give me my life back but it’s scary and I have allot of questions:) thanks for being a light in a dark tunnel:)

    • http://risaroo86.wordpress.com Marisa Lauren

      I appreciate your comment so much! It us a very scary thing to know you’re going to be loving with something so different for the rest of your life but you are not alone! And hopefully it will give you your life back :) Always here if you need to talk. I also run a support page on Facebook called “The Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis Diaries: Living With IBD” & people there are a great source of comfort and support as well!

  • val0525

    Congratulations to you, Marisa. Well deserved. Keep up the awesome work!!!