Eye Opening: I missed out on a TON of things because of IBD

When I gave a recap of the conference I attended last week , I only spoke about the event in general. There was so much more to my time there.


For starters, I have never seen Philadelphia. There is so much history there and this was the first time I was able to see it.

It was awesome!

I realize now more than ever how much I have missed out on because of ulcerative colitis, needing to stay close to home and doctors, being the opposite of adventurous because my body was so unpredictable, etc. It stinks but it makes me have this craving to do new things now, because ya never know what could happen tomorrow. Nothing too crazy or anything but kind of go exploring in different places. I have only ever lived in a suburb of New York City. That is pretty much all I know.


This was an eye opening experience for me. It made me feel sad in a lot of ways that there is so much to this world that I haven’t had a chance to see. I haven’t had a chance to even choose where I live because I was always so tied to my parents. I had no means of jumping on a plane to the Midwest or west coast. For one, I had no money but mostly, I couldn’t.

Studying abroad was not an option especially when I could hardly handle going to class fifteen minutes away from home.



I have mixed feelings about all of this. On one hand, I am really happy I got to experience something new and know that I do have a lifetime (knock on wood) to do the things I missed out on. But on the other, I just feel sad about it all. Hard to really put into words.