Veggie Platters, Bowling, and How Unhealthy IBD has Made Me Feel

It bothers me when I have to choose between either not eating or eating something pretty unhealthy so I won’t have to go to the hospital.

Yesterday, I went bowling for the first time in years. I honestly don’t recommend it for people who have had a lot of surgeries because it actually does take a lot of strength. BUT, it was a blast and sometimes you just have to live, have fun, and deal with the consequences later.

We are trying to eat healthier in my family now so when we were looking at the menu, there was a nice veggie platter to snack on while playing.


But this would have been disastrous. And yet, I love it. I love healthy foods. I would eat only fruits and veggies if I could.

It is honestly really upsetting that the only thing on the menu for me to eat that wouldn’t have been a one way ticket to the emergency room was mozzarella sticks. Don’t get me wrong, they were good but it isn’t “my kind of food” (not into fried garbage)



  • Sherri

    Yet another thing to deal with GF….;(

  • Jodi

    kind of makes me think of that song by alanis morrisette, “isn’t it ironic?” junk food is what “works” for you and you don’t want to eat it.
    Sorry you don’t get to choose what you actually want!

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