Summer Means Longer Days…

Summers mean longer days which can be difficult for people who are suffering from.. well, anything.

There is a reason why I have always loved the winter months, despite being cold 24/7.

I love the cozy feeling the darkness gives you. It comforts me.

But also. it means that people aren’t out BBQing, at the pool or beach, having fun with friends and family while you are stuck in the hospital or at home. There are less things in your face on social media and just in general. If the day is long, you aren’t really expected to be in your pajamas lounging around at 4pm. I do on many days to be honest but I know I should be out doing other things even though my migraines have been bad.

Yes, I know I used the word “should” and I need to erase it from my vocabulary. For some reason, the word is sticking :(

I feel guilty that I am here (hey it is 3:30pm on a weekday!) in my shorts, tank top and slippers writing this blog instead of being out working, making money, doing errands, going to the gym, etc. But, the pain in my head only allowed me to run out quickly to the drive through pharmacy to get whatever I could for my head.

When you are in the hospital recovering from surgery or just feeling so sick from a flare up, complications from something IBD related, etc it is hard to look at your phone in the summer knowing that all of your friends (and most of the people who are your friends on social media) are out having a good time. Posting pictures and statuses that make you feel like you are really missing out.

{I guess thinking about it now if you have a lot of friends on social media who do have a chronic illness and that is how you connected, it may be nice to reach out to those few people if possible. I know for me, sometimes my phone never left my bag the entire hospital stay. And then there were other times when my phone was my lifeline.}

If you are someone who is feeling alone, in bed, sick, have doctors appointments you don’t want to go to, have insurance issues, are in the hospital recovering or trying to fight something, I know what it is like. My worst times during my illness have been the summer. Also when I was a teenager with my ostomy, it was that much harder.

I do get it. So many people get it and understand what you are going through. If you are someone who is counting down the days until the cooler weather returns, know you are not alone.

  • Sherri

    I so get how you feel…although I personally love the summer…I hated the summer and long days when you weren’t well…still do at times when life isn’t feeling all joyful….love you GF…you touch so many and make it feel ok to not feel ok….<3