Just something that is on my mind today..

People who are genuinely sick do their best to be as normal as humanly possible. They don’t want to burden others and when they do, they feel badly about it. They dislike doctors appointments, hospital stays, and tests. Most do everything possible to avoid the emergency room and/or hospital.

Those people that are not truly sick pour it on thick in order to get the attention of others. They are always checking in at the emergency room. Always posting statuses about how much they are suffering. Somehow they end up in the hospital for things that aren’t very severe. Every ache and pain is talked about.


Would you agree?  Any additional thoughts on this?


  • Georgia E

    I think no one is in a position to judge what “health” need drives people to seek out care and it is a slippery slope when we start to divide people up into who deserves care.. Being over-weight for example is a co-factor for breast cancer.. Adverse child hood events increases your risk of high blood pressure (and other chronic conditions).

    I am sure you realize that emotions can play a big role for patients with inflammatory bowel disease and in the past people thought it cause it and patients were almost blamed as a result. http://www.webmd.com/ibd-crohns-disease/ulcerative-colitis/features/link-between-stress-ulcerative-colitis

    As a former EMT who often worked in ER’s it was often those who came the most often who weren’t getting their needs met.. We also know from states like MA that people with coverage tend to go in more often.

    People with a severe mental health problem for example die decades younger than the rest of the population and often have legitimate chronic conditions that go unnoticed and untreated.

    There are also many people who are “genuinely sick” who also complain. In fact many men seem to regress to the age of 4 when they get the flu. BTW no one is admitted to the hospital for “things that aren’t very severe” any longer

    • http://risaroo86.wordpress.com Marisa Lauren

      Of course emotions play a roll in everything. And while there are many people like you said who visit the ER because of insurance or they aren’t getting what they need with their dr, there are also many like I described. The admitted for something insignificant comment was mainly about insisting on pain and nausea and things no one can prove or disprove. It is true that many really sick people complain. I didn’t mean this to describe everyone but it is what I found to be the majority. I appreciate your comment and taking the time to read the post. Always interested in different point of views.