12 Years After My Colon Was Removed…

I was just looking through my blog and realized I have never wrote a post about today’s monumental day. Twelve years ago today, I had my colon removed in an effort to “cure” my ulcerative colitis. I can’t believe how naive my parents and I all were but ya know what? I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

The anniversary of my first surgery has made me think about so much. In a larger sense, it has made me think about how much both me and just the world have changed since I was diagnosed, and even since today’s surgery in 2002. I want to talk about today in a few posts because it is filled with so many different little compartments.

For example, I am on a mission to try to make sure everyone knows that removing your large intestine is not a cure for ulcerative colitis. I waan’t on social media before my surgery. My mom was on Jpouch.org and I started frequenting the site later but it wasn’t like now and what new patients today have to deal with.

On many levels, having social media when I was going through with my first surgery would have been amazing. I would have seen all of the awareness that was going on, I would have connected with others and known I wasn’t alone with my struggles, etc. It would have changed a tremendous amount for me with my journey. But I have to be honest. It also would have scared me to death.

Before this surgery, my family and I were so hopeful and happy. The day had finally come where my large intestine would be removed, I would have a new pouch made out of my small intestine that would act like my colon, and that would be it. The recovery would not be fun but afterwards, I would go about my business just as I did prior to inflammatory bowel disease.

When I woke up, I had no idea what happened but it was already done and most importantly,


{I do take comfort in that}

Me. 12 years later.

Me. 12 years later.







  • Sherri

    i want to comment…but i don’t know what to say….it’s all so painful. Yet I look at that picture of you and all I can think is that you are so brave and so strong.and I am so lucky to have you as my daughter and GF….<3!

  • http://veganostomy.blogspot.com/ veganostomy

    12 years! Wow.

    I’m about to hit my first year of being colonless next week, but you are right that social media certainly does help to not only come to terms with this life-changing surgery, but also to get more support.

  • Jodi

    What a long way you have come. Your experience has made you what you are. strong, wonderful, powerful. Sorry for all of your struggles.. you have weathered them like the true champion you are. love you and so proud of you. “happy” anniversary.

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