Showering in the Locker Room

After I took a shower at the gym, I wasn’t sure how I would manage to blow dry my ostomy in public.

The first few times, it wasn’t crowded which meant that I was in that part of the locker room alone. But the other day, there was a lot more people there than usual. They were coming and going in the area where the blow dryers were.

But I did it and didn’t really care!


I couldn’t believe how comfortable I was. I obviously had a towel and tried to hide it as much as possible, but it was visible at points. Plus, when you see someone blow dry their stomach, it sparks an interest.

I never thought I would see the day where I was OKAY in this type of situation. Even though it is just a woman’s locker room, it is still allowing strangers into a very private part of me and my life.

  • Sherri

    I of all people know what a HUGE thing that is…in public….wow…you have come so far! And I bet like we said many times…the only person that really cared was you…:)…you are incrediblemyF…<3!

    • Sherri

      that was my GF….<3….:)

    • Marisa Lauren

      Wouldn’t be here without you mom!!!!!!!

  • eli


    • Marisa Lauren

      Sherri is my mom but thank you!