Lying to Docs?

How many people do you think lie or have lied to their doctors at least once because they felt their doctor couldn’t (or didn’t) understand? And since many veteran patients are convinced they know what is best for them anyway (guilty), why wouldn’t they just lie to get what they want?

I will be upfront and honest. I have done this. After so many years as a patient and now thankfully (knock) have a bit of wiggle room, I have.

I need to do things a certain way. I need to introduce new medications the way I feel comfortable… or else the new medication will not be tried. It doesn’t matter to me what the doctor thinks in regards to things I don’t trust and/or are afraid of. It helps to know he/she is on board but the reality is I have had so many medications thrown at me, so many disappointments from doctors and people in the healthcare industry, that I just don’t care anymore. Now, I rely on my instincts and staying in tuned to my body.

But, I am always always smart about it.

It would be amazing if people in the healthcare field weren’t so concerned with protocol, getting fired, and covering their be-hinds but rather, what is best for individual patients. Obviously, this goes along with the healthcare industry and the one’s who make those laws which I won’t get into.

But, it just bothers me how so many of us have to jump through hoops to get basic things that we know will help us or at least possibly get us on a path to better health; physical and/or mental.

  • Josh lower

    So true Marissa. I agree with this. After so many hospital stays myself doctors and nurses are more concerned about their jobs then really listening to the patients needs.

    • Marisa Lauren

      Unfortunately :(

    • Marisa Lauren

      Agreed. Patients should ALWAYS come first.

  • jrobinjrob

    Guilty as charged!!!

    • Marisa Lauren

      Thank you for your honesty!!! Nice to know I am not alone :)

  • Sherri

    What a great blog/conversation you have started! I hope you have shared this on all your vehicles…:) Patients are so educated…it’s a shame that the doctor/patient relationship can’t be more of a partnership than a dictatorship…interested to read others comments.

    • Marisa Lauren

      Wish it was more of a partnership!

    • Marisa Lauren

      I wish the doctor/patient relationship could be very different than it currently is. :(

  • Gabriel

    yes! I’m guilty of lying to docs… more than I can count to be honest….and not always for the ‘right’ reason I’m afraid… as maybe that was the reason why I had to have an emergency operation to remove my colon 10 years ago…. that was mostly due to fear though… and maybe embarrassment… I’m sort off over that now for the most parts at least…. but I too need ‘space’ to explore my options and do research of my own and I see nothing wrong with that…

    • Marisa Lauren

      I love the last thing you just said and the way you put this out there. You’re right, doing what’s best for us isn’t wrong. Just stinks we have to lie sometimes to get what we need. Xoxo

  • Sheila Bergquist

    I couldn’t agree more with you! And yes, I have lied too. It’s too bad we have been driven to this because of the disgrace the medical industry is.

  • Sami Sophia

    Agreed. As a patient hoping to enter the medical field as a physician, it’s admittedly discouraging to see how unnecessarily complicated certain aspects of the healthcare system are.

    By the way, are you aware of ImproveCareNow ( It’s working on eliminating the aforementioned “hoops to jump through” in pediatric IBD care. Raised the remission rate approx. 50% to 75%+ in 5 years. Fingers crossed that it will hit adult IBD soon too.