Focusing More On Nutrition And Learning To Work Around My Physical and Mental Limitations

I haven’t had diet soda since July 6th.

I know that isn’t a really long time but it is huge for me given the amount I was drinking before. Now, I have noticed I have been substituting it for black coffee (decaf always.) I not only find it soothing but it helps to flush anything out that may be “problematic” for me. I absolutely hate it when the output isn’t liquid. It makes me so nervous that something isn’t going to be able to come out and I will have to go to the ER. It is also more of a pain to empty but mostly, I want it as liquidy as possible so I know everything is coming out of me. Not to sound gross or anything. (Do any of you who have ostomies find that to be the case?)

In a weird way, drinking it and knowing it is in my system makes me feel safe.

I have always known that my diet caffeine free soda is so unhealthy but I love it and it helps my stomach. It is hard giving it up but I have noticed I am drinking a tremendous amount of water now. I am starting to keep track of my liquid intake each day, along with other things I am putting in my body.

32oz water bottle

32oz water bottle


It feels good to know I can do something to improve my health. Cutting the diet soda out and replacing it with a ton of water and black decaf coffee has been good for me.

Just wanted to share something I am trying food wise :)

Plus, I get to drink my coffee out of the mug my best friend and sister, Sara, gave me.

#Sarisa. Love you Sadie<3

#Sarisa. Love you Sadie<3

I wouldn’t have had the motivation or inspiration to do this if it wasn’t for my brother, Jeremy. When he came to visit a little while ago, he mentioned a lot to me about my diet. It was done in a non judgmental way and I appreciated him reaching out and wanting to help me. He is huge with nutrition and exercising and all of that. His diet is truly amazing actually. I wish I was able to incorporate fruits, veggies, and pretty much anything I desired. Would be nice not to have to micromanage things which is why I think I stayed away from focusing on my nutrition. I sort of thought that as long as I was eating healthy (i.e. not junk food) that I was doing my job and that was all I could do.

But because of Jeremy, I started to realize that I do have to really focus on putting good foods in my body. Making sure I get enough water in me everyday and good calories is something I have been working on for a couple of weeks. Given my physical and mental limitations and issues when it comes to food, I began to find things I could eat that I would also enjoy.

I have been the cottage cheese queen lately. Also, yogurts, egg whites and string cheeses. I am trying to make it a point to have at least one cup of V8 or V8 fusion a day to help give me whatever nutrients I am missing by not consuming fruits and vegetables. I even have a yam every once and a while. Not great for my stomach (thickens things up) but it is worth it because it makes me feel like I am eating a real, healthy food with good nutrients. Plus, it tastes good.


Do any of you do anything similar? Are you a soda drinker? Do you prefer the output to be thicker or more of a liquid consistency?

I always find it fascinating how different some of our responses are to these questions! :)

  • veganostomy

    My output is usually thick, but I can get it to be liquid very quickly by using prune juice. I personally find liquid output to be difficult to manage, especially when emptying, and I found out (through an ostomy supply dealer) that gelling products don’t work well when’s there’s too much potassium in the output, which I found to be true with the prune juice. When my output is liquid without the use of prune juice, then gelling products work well and things are easier to manage.

    Thicker output only tends to be an issue if I’m wearing an ostomy wrap as the stool doesn’t drop to the bottom of the pouch the way I want it to, but it’s only a small problem.

    I think any step you take to eat healthier food is a positive one.

    • Marisa Lauren

      Thanks for the last thing you said! I do kind of feel like I am in the minority with preferring liquid output but owell : ) whatever works, right?

      • veganostomy

        I’ve come across a lot of people who hate thick output, especially when it creates leaks or pancaking. Having an ostomy and finding what works is so individual! :)

        • Marisa Lauren

          That is one of the reasons I don’t like it. Exactly about it all being individual.. :))

  • Sherri

    So happy that you are experimenting a bit and finding good,
    healthy foods to eat…and water…that’s great! You have motivated me today…I need to drink more too…love you my GF…<3!

  • carly carter

    My situation is different than yours. I will say pressing juice and turning it into jello with real gelatin, replacing dinner with veg & chicken feet stock is soothing. Not a magic pill. But all go in the category of being supportive.

    • Marisa Lauren

      It is definitely in the category of being supportive. Thank you for sharing. :)

  • jcrohnie715

    I have a soda addiction lol. But I have come along way in the past 6 months cutting down from three a day (I know a lot, but in my head it calms my stomach) to now only sprite when I am sick or a root beer when out to dinner.

    I have been trying to incorporate more water into my diet but it has been a bit of a struggle tho. Right now cran-apple juice has been the substitute for soda at home and water at work, but I need more water to stay hydrated!

    As always, I love reading your blog! :)

    • Marisa Lauren

      I am with you on that addiction. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment<3

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