In Honor of #MigraineAwarenessMonth , I faced a fear of mine

Today, I finally reached my breaking point with all the pain my migraines have been causing me. I think the heat makes it worse but given that I have them pretty much daily, I don’t think I can blame it on the weather.

I have had a bunch of medications called in to the pharmacy. I know after about two weeks, they go back on the shelf if it isn’t picked up but thankfully it is still in the computer.

I actually picked up one of the medications I had been afraid of for years, came home and took it. Fingers and toes crossed, it helps and I don’t have any side effects from it.

This was a huge deal for me because this is just one of the migraine medications that I had been trying to avoid. I don’t want to deal with the side effects or the trial and error. I just get so scared of new medications because I haven’t had the greatest luck.

I also didn’t ask people in support groups what their experiences have been with this particular drug because I know it will just make me question my decision.

But, I am trying to be more open to things and seeing a lot of tweets and other posts about migraine treatments made me think that I am limiting my options because of fear.

  • flareuphope

    I hope it helps and no side effects!!!

  • Jodi

    way to face your fears. Not an easy thing to do. Good luck! Hope for the best.

  • A Guy With Crohn’s

    Hope it helps. Feel better.

  • val0525

    Have you noticed any difference in your Migraines? I hope you can get some relief.