First Time Truly Acknowledging Migraine Awareness Month

This is the first time I am trying to acknowledge Migraine Awareness Month. I changed my cover photo on my personal facebook profile to this:


I have been posting questions on twitter


as well as making it more known that migraines DO plague my life. Here is something a new twitter friend sent to me that I retweeted

Don't mind the incoming text message above.. ; )

Don’t mind the incoming text message above.. ; )

I also have been trying to post various facts while using the hashtag #migraineawarenessmonth


along with photos on instagram




It is a bit difficult for me to talk about all that I go through with my migraines. They have impeded on my life so much that I just feel like this is “normal,” although realistically I know this is far from how I should be living life. But, as most of us know, the first step towards seeking additional help and acknowledging that something is, in fact, a problem that cannot just be brushed aside is usually the beginning of causing possible change.

I do try to keep this blog more inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and ostomy specific but given that migraines are an invisible & chronic illness as well, a post or two may creep in there every once and a while.