Another Ironic Health Scenerio

After a doctor’s appointment a few weeks ago, the next steps were for me to follow up with a colleague of hers who specializes in more complicated situations. She is affiliated with a local hospital and told me that what/ if ever I would need something done, it would take place there. After she said that, I was extremely relieved. If I could avoid Mt. Sinai or any other big city teaching hospitals, I was all for that.

But then things had time to sink in and I realized that even though emotionally, I am not very well off at Mt. Sinai …. physically, I definitely am. I will get the best care in a hospital that has premiere doctors and surgeons, as well as all of my previous records should they be needed.

When I found out that the doctor I have a consultation with is affiliated with the local hospital AND Mt. Sinai, I felt like it was meant to be for some weird reason. Or, maybe I just liked having options. I was thinking about switching to a doctor that was affiliated with another big hospital in NYC but this makes it so much easier.

Obviously, depending on how the appointment goes and how I feel about him and everything, I will proceed from there. But I do know without a shadow of a doubt that if I were to need any medical care in a facility outside of an office, it would be Mt. Sinai; Especially if it was a choice between the local hospital I am referring to (oh the stories!) or Mt. Sinai.

Just find it kind of ironic that the place I despise the most in this world is also the one I would trust with my life. This brief post helps explain it a little bit.

I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that while Mt. Sinai Hospital is one of the best of the best, they have made huge errors that have cost me to feel differently towards them. As a veteran patient, my family and I have come across a wide range of things in the hospital; things you wouldn’t believe unless you were there firsthand.

When I was first diagnosed, I did whatever the doctor or nurse said (for the most part.)  If I needed to have blood drawn four times for a specific reason, you’d get no backtalk from me as long as there was a legit reason I could wrap my head around. But as the years went on, my parents and I started asking questions. We saw that so many needless (and painful!) things were taking place. So, negative associations were made and the place that once brought security and safety is now a painful reminder of all that has transpired over the years.

Ah the mental battles we face ; )