A Year Ago Today… best first date ever!

A year ago today, I went on a first date with a man I met twice over the span of two months, and who I communicated with every single day since we met on May 18, 2013.


His name is Frank.


I had no idea what to really expect but I got such a good vibe from him that I was excited to find out more about him personally. For those of you who don’t know him, Frank is an inflammatory bowel disease advocate himself. His nine year old son has Crohn’s disease so he has a level of understanding that most can’t.

We went to the movies and then out for Chinese food. I had very little anxiety as I ate my egg drop soup with him. That was unheard of for me!

It was the best first date I have ever been on. And while I wasn’t completely comfortable being myself yet, that changed within a couple months of us dating.

Frank drove a total of six plus hours to come hang out with me for a few hours. And then he sent me these flowers a couple days later

No one has sent me flowers like this before!!

No one has sent me flowers like this before!!

He continued to make the drive a few times before I was comfortable driving that distance to him.

I will never forget not only the day I met Frank, but this day a year ago too. Not to sound sappy but I always heard when you meet the right person, you just know. Well, this has been the case so far in my relationship. Things are easy, we are able to communicate honestly, we don’t judge or belittle one another, we take the time to understand where the other is coming from, and we put each other first. We take care of each other… always.

I not only wanted to give Frank a little shout out since I am doing my best not to write a real lot about our relationship on my blog. I wanted to thank him. I truly want to thank my other half. I have evolved and changed into someone who is more confident and accepting of myself  and my situation because I have someone like him by my side.

I have two close friends with IBD and who are in wonderfully supportive relationships which gave me some hope. Although I did have my doubts if I could ever be with someone and just be me without spending energy on pretending things were fine when they weren’t.

Good luck bracelet Jaime got for all of us. Mine says "swag" :) Wore it everyday until I couldn't. SO special to me.

Good luck bracelet Jaime got for all of us. Mine says “swag” :) Wore it everyday until I couldn’t. SO special to me.

Timing is everything. I spent a few days with my friends Sara, Jaime, Mal, and Beth a few weeks prior to our first date. They helped give me a jumping off point towards acceptance. They made me realize that the person I am is fine. More than fine, but great. And accepted.





  • https://plus.google.com/+FrankGarufiJr Frank Garufi Jr.

    From the first moment I laid eyes on you, I knew there was something exceptional about you! Everything in me told me I had to know more about you!!! The more I learned, the deeper my love grew!

    Thank you for being an overwhelming force of greatness in my life! You are everything I’ve ever dreamed of and more!

    One year ago today I had the greatest first date of my life… And what makes it so great is that it will be the last first date I’ll ever have!

  • val0525

    You two are very special people and I for one am so excited, still, that you are together. Love you.

  • Jodi

    So happy for the both of you. It is so nice to hear “pure joy” and love from someone(or two) has experienced way to much pain and disappointment. Thank you Frank, for being such a positive force in my beautiful Niece’s life. Hope to meet you some day soon.