World IBD Day Follow Up

I would love to know some things that you guys did to raise awareness on World IBD Day. As I mentioned in this postI was going to be tweeting facts, thoughts and photos about inflammatory bowel disease every 20 minutes from 12am May 19 until 11:55pm May 19.

It felt great and empowering to just talk about the reality of Crohns and ulcerative colitis all day long. I wanted to both educate those who follow me on twitter who have no relationship to IBD as well as some of the newly diagnosed patients. I also wanted to share a little personal things related to my journey with ulcerative colitis. If you haven’t checked out my twitter feed, here is a little preview- 20140520-133521-48921448.jpg20140520-133522-48922645.jpg20140520-133521-48921757.jpg20140520-133521-48921099.jpg20140520-133522-48922052.jpg20140520-133523-48923035.jpg20140520-133522-48922347.jpg   I was also doing my best to raise awareness on instagram too so be sure to check me out at @rissylauren! Love connecting with you guys <3 Thank you all again for your support! {Especially those with no ties to the disease and just want to become educated about it} And for those of you who also advocate, I so appreciate everything you do to spread the word about Crohns disease and ulcerative colitis. We are all a family.

  • Sherri

    What a wonderful way to reach out and share all the emotional, physical facts and myths that encompass this awful, life altering, invisible illness. I am sure your voice and openness is helping so many who are suffering in silence…I am so proud to be your Mom and GF…<3