The Only Time I Dislike Having an Ostomy: The Heat

The spring/summer is the only time of year that I really don’t like having an ostomy. Not saying I love it the other months, but ya know… I accept it and it has been a lifesaver for my health.


I don’t want to be a complainer but I imagine other ostomates feel similarly at least sometimes so I figured, why not talk about it today?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with ostomies in general, the heat and moisture are probably the two worst things for your skin. It causes the appliance to become very itchy, making living with a bag attached to your stomach pretty uncomfortable. Feeling sweaty and gross on occasion is a normal feeling for most during the summer months but for those people who have an ostomy (or at least for me; I won’t speak for everyone else), I am extra uncomfortable. I feel like I spend so much of my time slappimg my appliance to attempt to relieve the itch since taking my nails towards the flange hasn’t always worked out well.

I also find that I have to change my ostomy more frequently during the warmer months. I was in a good routine and now all of a sudden, the flange is popping up in all different places, and is just generally annoying me to be honest.

Working out is another story. It makes me feel good when I can exercise and granted, I haven’t really been feeling well so I probably wouldn’t have gone to the gym anyway but… it is always such an ordeal when I go in the spring/summer. I kind of weigh the pros and cons of getting my ostomy all sweaty from the workout and then needing to get in the shower (which makes it wet, of course), and then needing to blow-dry it when I am finished which just adds to me feeling hot.

Even though I hate not showering everyday, I will avoid it on a day where I am not really doing anything. As strange as this probably sounds, I feel like I am doing my skin a favor and possibly prolonging the wear time of the appliance when I don’t get it wet everyday.

Summer months are always the ones I dread. I try to stay in air conditioner as much as possible but I obviously want to be social and attend BBQ’s and fun things outside. I was also a huge competative swimmer and before all of this happened, I absolutely lived in the pool. I still love the water but am fearful that I am just adding potential issues if I get in the pool.

Ah so much to think about…


Here are some other posts I wrote about this subject if you are interested either as a patient who can relate, a caregiver, or just someone who wants to understand ….

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Please let me know if you have any thoughts on this subject! Would love any advice or tricks that have helped you to enjoy the summer months a little bit more. Either comment below or email me

  • veganostomy

    This will be my first summer with an ostomy, so I’ll be interesting to say the least. I can certainly see how wearing an ostomy wrap can make things even more hot and uncomfortable, but other than sweating while doing home repairs, I don’t know how well my appliance will handle high outside temperatures.

    Time will tell!

    • Marisa Lauren

      Time will tell and you seem to be resourceful. Ostomy wrap does make things hot and sticky in my opinion which is why I’ve never been fan. I am ways wore tight tank tops to keep things a little tighter against my skin. Maybe a girl thing, I Dono lol :) hope things are good for you this summer! Keep me posted.

      • veganostomy

        Well if today was a test, I passed with flying colours.

        I was out doing a lot of outdoor work – lifting, pushing and sweating in the heat. I’m on day 4 with my wafer, which is already more than my regular wear and things haven’t fallen apart. I have been wearing a wrap and a stoma guard today, so that could help keep things secure, but the heat and sweat hasn’t affected things as far I can see (I will change my wafer tonight).

        Have you considered a medical adhesive spray, like the Hollister 7730? I’ve heard of people who are changing their wafers daily getting 4-5 day wear time by using it. There are other products, but that adhesive seems to be popular.

  • bastiat1776

    I used to feel the same way about summer and sweating until I found two products that literally changed my life. Now I use Coloplast Brava elastic barrier strips and Active lifestyle products -sure seal rings to secure my wafer against moisture.

    Last Sunday I swam for two hours, sweated for hours on multiple days playing outside with my nephews,and hit golf balls yesterday in 90 degree weather, and I still haven’t changed my bag. That is a typical week for me and on average I change my bag every 6 to 7 days. That is with showering twice a day.

    Before I found these products I could stay for a maximum of 30 minutes in the pool without needing a change or worry about sweating causing my wafer to fail. And I was changing my bag every other day just do to the effects of showering once a day.

    I am thoroughly enjoying myself outside in the hot weather this year because of The Brave elastic barrier strips and the ALP Sure seal rings.

    Below are the links to the two products.

    I highly recommend them to help you enjoy your summer!


    • Marisa Lauren

      Hey Brad! Thanks so much for taking the tune to share your experiences with me. I’m going to definitely take a look at these links. Enjoy your summer too!!

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