Sleeping in the Heat… with an ostomy

I have always felt this need to wear a decent amount of clothing while I am sleeping in case my ostomy should leak. I would want it to get on my clothes instead of the sheets, blankets or pillows since it would be a lot easier to deal with. When I can just quickly do a couple things in order to manage a middle of the night leak (ex. change clothes, but no shower needed) and crawl back into bed, it allows me to deal with it more in the morning. If it is all over the sheets, all over me to the point where I really should shower (I rarely do to be honest unless it is a bad, bad situation), and clean a tremendous amount of things, it gives me time to feel frustrated about the situation. And also, the more time I am spent awake the less likely it is that I am able to get back to sleep.

The morning following a leak, I really think about everything that happened the day or even week prior. I need reasons why medical things happen. If there is a cause, I feel like I have some control over the situation.

Lately, I have been able to pinpoint the reason why my ostomy leaked on a particular date. It is usually when I experiment with a different type of food that causes the output to be too thick (and undigested) which tugs on the flange causing it to pull away from my stomach. (Hence, the reason I prefer the liquid output.)

I absolutely hate sleeping when it is hot out. I have enough trouble falling asleep as it is and feeling all sweaty and gross just makes everything worse. I love cuddling under blankets and wearing a lot of layers. It makes me feel cozy. But, the warmer months obviously prevent me from doing that.

The other night I was really hot and wanted to just wear a huge tee shirt (with underwear) to bed. That is how I used to sleep in the warmer months during the times I wasn’t living with an ostomy.

I tweeted this in the middle of the night…


Followed by this…


I spent a few hours that night sleeping in just a tee shirt and it felt so nice. Nothing happened with my ostomy and I felt so much cooler. As the morning came, the temperature seemed to go down a little so I put my pants back on. I didn’t want to push my luck. But now I know I can sleep like that. I brought boxers back with me so I have that option also but it is good to know I can sleep this way… even with an ostomy.