Life is Different With(out) Dogs

In a week or two, Frank and I are going to do a week trial with Phoebe and Holli. In case you are not sure who they are, they are my two lab mixes who have helped me get through so much in incredible (and different) ways.



Some posts about them include: PhoebeThe Role Pets Play in Recovery, and Happy Birthday to the dogs who saved my life!



These dogs, while very loving, are also intrusive, have some bad manners (Phoebe jumps a little too much), and can genuinely be a pain in the be-hind if you are someone who doesn’t want dogs all over you 24/7. Both of them are rescues and I think Phoebe was taken away from her mother too early. She has severe attachment issues.

Holli has been through a lot too (birthing puppies, heart worm treatment/crated for month straight in shelter.) But mainly, she just wants to be pet. If you have been petting her for a while and suddenly stop, she will let you know by pawing at you. For some, that can be annoying and I admit that it is at times for me too. But, even though both dogs have their schtick, they are the two greatest animals who I owe so much to.

The first time Frank came to my house and met my girls, I knew it was a good sign. He fell in love with them and not only wasn’t bothered by their intrusive nature but it was actually one of the things he loved most about them. He said he had never met dogs with such personality before. Since moving away from my parents, I haven’t really had dogs around. We fostered a dog (Polli) for a little over a month but she wasn’t part of the family like I am used to.

Going back to my parents after a month or so of having no dogs in my home was a huge change. On the one hand, we don’t have the responsibility but on the other, I have lived with dogs since I was a year and a half. Add to that. ulcerative colitis and all the lovely things it brought into my life made me rely on my animals not just for “normal” things. I needed them so much of the time to help get me through difficult and painful situations.

I have gone back and forth in my mind about whether or not it is right to have dogs at this point in my life. With all of these new things going on, it is nice not to have the extra responsibilities of taking care of two needy dogs.

But then I came back to NY for a little while and spent some time with them. And I know it may not work out. My mom may miss the dogs too much. The girls may hinder my sleep even more thus having no choice but to let them go back to my parents. They could miss my mom and dad too much. A ton of things could happen which is why my parents, Frank and I are all in agreement that this is going to be a trial to see how we all do. And we will see how it goes.

The point initially though was that after spending some time with them, I realize that while it may be a lot of extra work to have them in my life right now, it is one of those things that is worth it. Frank loves them and wants a home with dogs. I, of course, adore them and a home isn’t a home to me without a dog.

So that is the plan! I will keep you posted.

  • Sherri

    I love your openness and your perspective. I will say about the dogs what I often say about life…if it is meant to be it will be…<3 Love you my GF…so much…feel it…:)!

  • Jodi

    sounds like a great plan. Until I had my own dog, I don’t think I would have completely understood. Even when they are a pain, they add so much to your life. Plus I know how much your girls have been a huge help for you and an integral part of your life.
    Good luck!

  • val0525

    I am anxious to see how it works out.

    Hope it is good for everyone. I know how important your babies are to you.

    • Marisa Lauren

      So far so good. Knock 😉

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