Doctors Who Say “I Don’t Know”

There was an article I came across in my google alerts yesterday that sparked a fire in me.

The link is:

This was way more than a misunderstanding or a simple confusion. I will spare you my intense feelings about this article, FOX news, Dr. Manny, and the media in general.

{See twitter @JournalingIBD if you’d like to see my rant yesterday}

Not to mention, the Crohns Colitis Foundation of America responded with a few PC tweets. What does that do? I’ll tell you. It shows the media that they can publish whatever they like about IBS and IBD (Crohns and ulcerative colitis) because the leading organization who is supposedly supporting these patients doesn’t care enough to do a damn thing about it. If I was the CEO of the CCFA, I would be on FOX news every second of every day until I got a public apology.

Anyway, taking a deep breathe…

This made me think about how much I admire doctors who can say they don’t know something. Some of my favorite doctors are those that admit when they are out of their element. It makes me trust that when they do give me a response or tell me something that they are doing so because they know with almost absolute certainty.



  • jan gaie

    Couldn’t Agree More. There is only one doctor who is truly helping me with my IBS symptoms out of the half dozen or more that I’ve seen since my first symptoms started over 7 years ago. And he has answered more than one question with an I don’t know. But all the others knew all the answers and fed me the lines and didn’t help me one damn bit.

    • Marisa Lauren

      You get to know if someone is just saying it for the sake of or if they are really knowledgable on the subject. Just stinks because so many patients are vulnerable and listen to whatever their dr suggests without question.

  • Colleen

    Also, the article looks like it was written by an intern and not an actual doctor. Fiber is actually NOT good for everyone who has IBS. Also with IBS you can have rapid motility or slow motility. Great post!

    • Marisa Lauren

      It definitely can’t possibly be a real doctor. That advice would kill most of us lol. Like you said, fiber isn’t good for everyone IBS. And nuts, etc are certainly not good for most with Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis. *sigh*

  • jcrohnie715

    I agree that it’s misleading and misinforms the public who are un-educated about IBS. I am horrified that he makes it seem like a simple solution which is far from the truth. Thanks for informing us!