Chicago Bound Soon. First flight with an Ostomy.

I am leaving for Chicago and it doesn’t even seem real. It feels like just yesterday I was all alone with no way to see a positive future for my family and I.

And now, I have the chance to share my opinions on things so near and dear to me. Ulcerative colitis stole so much of my life and all I want to do is avenge what it has taken from me .. By helping others know they are understood, accepted and supported.

It’s the only way we can all survive. It’s the only way we can do better. It’s nice to feel like we are all coming together to initiate positive changes in patients lives.

I will catch you all up on how the event was and what it was like flying with my ostomy for the first time as soon as I can.

  • Sherri

    Have I mentioned how happy and proud I am of you! We…just in case…:)! Yeah you!!!…<3!

  • val0525

    Very proud of you and happy for you. Have a great time and take in everything that you deserve.

  • Jodi

    so, so proud of you! this is amazing! Enjoy every minute.

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