We Can Be Our Own Worst Enemy

I think so many of us are guilty of being extremely hard on ourselves. We have high standards for ourselves and when we fall short, it is like we aren’t able to measure up to what we perceived as good enough for society.

But the reality is that you only need to “measure up” to your best self. You can’t compare yourself and accomplishments (or lack of) to other people in your life because everyone has a different path that has impacted where they are, how they think and what they strive to be. Everyone has a different past and until recently, I didn’t understand how much the way our life was growing up impacts you.

My dad has told me for years that I was “my own worst enemy” and that I needed to stop being so hard on myself. And then Frank told me that last night. I know I need to cut myself some slack but it is so hard for me to not compare myself to other people my age. It just makes me feel bad and even though there is a reason why I am not where most of them are yet, it doesn’t change the reality that I am not where I hoped to be by this point in my life.

I think a lot of us place so much of the anger we have towards our disease and circumstances in life that it turns inward. It causes us to be upset or disappointed with our own self as opposed to the real issue; Something completely and one hundred percent out of our control.

When I hear some of my friends talk somewhat down about themselves, it makes me wonder how he/she couldn’t see all the greatness that they are. It baffles me because I know my friend is an amazing person who does so much good. However, just like it is hard for me to see all the good in myself, the same is true for them.


  • val0525

    Not being hard on ones self is very difficult. I think a lot of us hold ourselves to higher standards than anyone else. One thing that helps me is to imagine that I am dealing with my daughter and see what I would say or do for her. I hope you can ease up on yourself and give yourself a break. It takes a lot of practice and is very difficullt, but well woth it when you are able to do it.