Spring is Coming

I know most of you are looking forward to this snowy winter coming to an end. While I don’t love the mountains of snow either, the beginning of spring is a little difficult for me.

I used to love everything about the warmer weather. My summer swim team was the greatest. I loved being able to lay by the pool/beach getting tan. I loved playing sports outside. I loved the summer attitude. I loved the clothing. I just loved everything about it. 

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After I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, the summer became the time I would always look forward to but was left disappointed. Summer months weren’t filled with good times but rather it made me realize that things were no longer the way they used to be. The pool and beach became something so different to me. With all my scars, weight fluctuations from surgeries and medications {enter stretch marks}, I was always so sensitive about my body. When I had my first ostomy at 16, it was so difficult for me to be in a bathing suit like I always had been. The years I had a kock pouch were a breath of fresh air. It reinforced every moment of every day that life with a traditional ostomy wasn’t something I could or would EVER be able to handle.

I do feel differently now about my ostomy. I won’t go in the water for a long period of time because I don’t want to rock the boat with my skin but I am not as embarrassed by things. I think the more time I have under my belt with this new body, the easier it will be for me to start looking at summers as the fun, happy time they always were.

I also think I prefer colder weather because the heat makes my ostomy so much more uncomfortable. I feel so hot, sticky and gross in the summer so having something taped to my stomach doesn’t help with comfort at all. I also go through appliances a lot quicker which worries me because I know the longer I can keep a bag on, the less tugging my skin has to go through. Sleeping is always more difficult in the heat too.

Maybe someday I’ll move to Alaska 😉

How do you feel about the warmer weather? Are you looking forward to not having to layer under clothes and blankets? How is your IBD/ostomy during the warmer months? Do you enjoy wintertime because it is more cozy? Love to know your thoughts!

  • http://ostomyphilosophy.blogspot.com Ava Westfield-McCall

    I had my ostomy surgery on 9/6/13 and at that point, the summertime was virtually over. Now I am sooo dreading this upcoming summer for the reasons you mentioned. That feeling of the bag sticking to you while you’re hot and sweaty…yeah, I’m sure that’ll be a blast. Also, I’m in search of a high-waisted bikini because I think I have built up enough confidence to wear one. Also, I’ve seen some of my friends’ pics in OstomyLand proudly wearing theirs. I’m ready for that (I think).

    Having my surgery in the fall and winter, i also haven’t worn slim fitting or lightweight clothes as I tend to do in the spring/summer. That’s a bit daunting because I don’t want to worry about looks/stares or having a leak. However, I’ve really had enough of this snowy, blustery cold weather so I’ll just have to tough out any heat-related obstacles that may come my way! I haven’t had a real summer vacation in 4 years, so I’m ready to hit the beach!

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