Every Little Tip Helps: Flushing “Bad” Food Out

I have picked up a lot of little tricks over the years of living with both a continent ileostomy and a traditional ostomyOne of the most helpful tricks that I have found are ways to flush your system out without doing harm.

I have more dietary restrictions than I know what to do with. I can’t eat fruits or veggies. Most things come out the way they went in which makes the output really thick and difficult to manage. I really only feel well when I have very little food in me.

I usually divide foods up into three categories:

1) No way– won’t take a chance of winding up in the ER. {fruits,veggies,nuts,popcorn}

2) Relatively fine– food sucks but since I have to eat, this is okay. {saltines, string cheese, yogurt}

3)  Depends on the time/what else is around- it’s not a good food or drink but it won’t land me in the ER. {soup, other crackers, cottage cheese, pretzels}


I have found that decaf coffee, diet caffeine free soda, milk, and most milk based drinks act like a laxative. I got in the habit of drinking soda everyday because I would be too nervous to eat 98percent of foods if I didn’t eat it with something that I knew would flush my system out. It makes it easier when most things are out of me quickly. And, when the output is liquid, it takes a lot less time in the bathroom.


What are some things that you do to make eating easier? Do you usually stick to the same foods everyday? Have you found ways so you don’t have to be super restricted? Do you feel the same regardless of what is in your body? Is it difficult to wrap your head around eating “unhealthy” foods (ex soda) just to make things flow through your system better? Have another tip related to IBD and/or ostomy life? Email me Marisa.IBD@gmail.com