Every Little Tip Helps: Thank you Victoria!

The following was written by Victoria Marie…
I am aware it sounds like an odd tip but I avoid bending, stretching and carrying heavy things. I find if I spend the day bending in half, picking things up off the floor I will feel really awful the next day so I limit this as much as possible. It may be an odd tip but worth giving it a go if you are all out of other options.
I find a distraction when having a flare can be key. Stick your head in a good book or put a film on, I find having something else to focus on is a good distraction. I find a distraction also helps calm my anxiety when out and about for example if I’m shopping and am choosing what design/colour I want I’m not worrying about my Ulcerative Colitis.
Finally I have heard my consultant mention many times that the biggest problem is trying to get young people to take their medication. That is if you choose the medication route. I take mine religiously every single day and touch wood I’ve not been in a flare for over a year, yaaay me.
Thoughts? Can you relate to the topics Victoria mentioned? Do you have other tip(s) to share? Email me at Marisa.IBD@gmail.com