Every Little Tip Helps: Thank You Ryan!

The following was written by Ryan S (although this tip came from an ostomy nurse)…
Basically my tip is in the photo. Three plastic shopping bags placed one inside the other. Then you shove the one side of that into your pants waist band. Then you use that as a Trash can while changing your pouch. You throw everything in there and if your stoma is active while changing you just slightly bend over and let the waste be caught in the bags. When done you just tie up the bags and throw away.
And if anyone says anything about that being gross (Which I had one person tell me that) just mention to them that parents throw away their kids dirty diapers all the time.
Have you tried this or something similar when changing your ostomy appliance? Has it worked for you?Was there something you did a little differently than Ryan that you found helpful? Have another tip to share about ANYTHING IBD and/or ostomy related? Email me at Marisa.IBD@gmail.com