Ignoring Other Aspects of Your Health

I always had a tendency to ignore most health related things unless it was related to my ulcerative colitis. After being so sick for so long, the other things that a person deals with on a day to day basis seem like nothing to worry about comparatively. It has only been the last few months that I have realized that I need to take care of every part of my body equally. We can’t ignore some things because they are all important to our over all health.

Obviously, we don’t need to run to every doctor imaginable. But we do have to be smart. I didn’t follow up with my internist, neurologist, eye doctor or dentist for longer than I should. In my mind, I was trying so desperately to not have doctors appointments in my calendar that it made me lose sight of the fact that ignoring anything non stomach related is far from wise.

Our bodies and minds don’t work like that. Everything about us is intertwined and affected by other things. Even though it is easy to forget that when you’re dealing with an enormous amount of health issues. it is important to remember that if you let a few medical things go, they might turn into bigger issues. It also may have an adverse affect on your inflammatory bowel disease as well.