This Thanksgiving I am thankful for…

1)      One of the best years yet

2)      My supportive parents; including my dad riding in Get Your Guts in Gear for me

3)      Meeting Sadie (aka Sara Ringer) and Jaime twice this year

4)      Connecting and then having a fun girls weekend with Sadie, JJ, Mal and Beth

5)      Frank coming to the Intense Intestine Foundation’s rock climbing event for World IBD Day

6)      Jeremy and the wonderful week we all had for the first time in YEARS

7)      New friends

8)      Holli and Phoebe…truly unconditional love

9)      The IBD community as a whole

10)   The ability to share my story on this blog, in Everyday Health and in the Intense Intestine Foundation’s Never Stay Quiet Series

11)   My grandmother

12)   Having enough food to eat, clothes, and a roof over my head

13)   Feeling loved this  holiday season

14)   Slowly being able to figure out who I am, despite all IBD has robbed me of

15)   And last but certainly not least, a year of no hospitalizations (knock on wood that continues)

Sending much love to all of you today & everyday <3

  • Sherri

    And I am SO grateful for you, my daughter, my GF You amaze me everyday with your strength, compassion and insight…thank you for being you. I love you so…feel it….<3

  • val0525

    Love you very much, Marisa. You are a very special person. I am so happy for you that you are having a good year. The best is yet to come for you. Congratulations on all of your achievements this year and many more!!!!

  • Jodi

    Thankful for a healthy year of tremendous growth for my brave, strong, wonderful proud of you and only wish you more of the same.
    love you.