Bring on the Comedic Relief

As I mentioned in this post Here, television plays an enormous role in our society.  It serves as a huge distraction for us which we all could absolutely use at some point or another throughout our days or weeks. Distractions and the Positive Impact They Can Have

The other night I did something I never really do; I sat down and watched standup comedy for an hour. And it was awesome! It was an old Ellen DeGeneres show that was on HBO from about ten years ago that had me seriously cracking up. I find a lot of standup comedians to be rather silly but this kind of humor was just about the day to day things that we should all laugh at ourselves about. It was just real life situations that she was making a joke out of and it was absolutely hilarious.

As I was listening to Ellen poke fun at the awkward situations we sometimes find ourselves in, it made me realize that we shouldn’t take life so seriously. We can and should laugh at ourselves and with each other more. Not everything needs to be so intense.

There is a quote from the movie, Garden State that keeps coming back to me

 “If you can’t laugh at yourself, life is going to seem a whole lot longer.”

Well, it’s true.

And the cliché “laughter is the best medicine”

Also true.

It felt really great to just laugh the other night. When I was with my friends a few weeks ago, I felt like the laughter was nonstop and that was part of the reason that made it so great. We all need some comedic relief every once and a while. It is a brief escape from thinking about things that are overwhelming, frightening, or upsetting. It takes you out of yourself.

This probably sounds very simple minded but find something (not someone:) ) to laugh at every day. It will do you some good!

  • val0525

    Very True Indeed!! I actually can’t rememberr the last time I laughed out loud.

    It is good for the soul!!

  • Jodi

    Very true! it’s what keeps me going on daily basis. I like the quote from Garden State. It is perfect.
    I always tell my patients, if you have to be here, you may as well have some fun! Laughter does make a whole lot of things feel just a little bit better.