2nd Annual Climb for Crohn’s & Colitis Recap


May 18th was another great day for the IIF.  We held our 2nd Annual Climb for Crohn’s & Colitis event at The Rock Club.  This year was exciting for us as Sara Ringer of Infamed and Untamed flew to the New York City area to help the IIF raise IBD awareness for World IBD Day.

At the event we had more people with IBD attend this year. We were happy to see others show that it is possible to live a normal lifestyle at times with these diseases.  It wasn’t easy as many of them were battling during the day, on medicines or even not eating at times in order to attend.  The fact they didn’t let their IBD keep them from attending is an amazing accomplishment.


The Climb for Crohn’s & Colitis this year raised almost $2,500 to help those with IBD and ostomies.  IIF programs such as the Intense Intestines Scholarship continue to grow due to support from events such as these.  As the IIF continues to grow we’ll always look for ways to assist those with these diseases.

2nd Annual Climb for Crohn’s & Colitis World IBD Day Video


We’d like to especially thank The Rock Club for allowing us to use their great facility, Shawn Kapitan of DTE Photography for documenting the event, Sara Ringer of Inflamed and Untamed for helping us raise IBD awareness, all of those that donated items for the raffle and everyone else that helped us make the event a great success again this year.

All of us on the IIF team are already looking forward to the 3rd Annual Climb for Crohn’s & Colitis next year.  We have some great ideas which are going to make the event even better than the last two.  Mark your calendars for May 17th next year now and we look forward to seeing you at The Rock Club for another great event.


Please visit www.intenseintestines.org to find out more about upcoming events, latest IBD news, and how you can  be a part of a wonderfully growing community dedicated to supporting you through whatever challenges you may be facing as an IBD/ostomy patient.