Paralyzed to Write

I have been pretty consumed with a lot of things that have left me feeling pretty paralyzed to write for a variety of reasons. The first being that I have literally not been sleeping so my ability to concentrate has been severely hindered. I also have felt like if I did write, it would just be pretty negative since I have been feeling really trapped lately. When I started this blog, the only thing I cared about was being able to hopefully make other people feel less alone by opening up about some of my “war stories.” I love writing and this has been a wonderful catharsis for me. However, now that I am filled with pretty negative emotions I am slightly torn between just blogging privately for a little while then publishing it later, only writing in my journal, not writing until I can be more helpful to you all, etc. My mind is just in a million different directions right now. So, while I am working on being able to get some sleep among other things, I thought I would re-post some of  my blogs. I had done quite a bit of writing when I first started and since I am really grateful to have gained a bunch of new followers since that time, I did want to share some of my old work as well as touch base with you guys and let you know how I was doing.

Feel free to reach out to me at and let me know how you guys are!

  • Amanda Brooke

    Rissy, I know we talked about this a little during our emails last week, but I wanted to just tell you that what you wrote is totally, 100% valid. I know a lot of the times I feel like I’m supposed to be writing, I’m supposed to be sharing, but I’m not ready. Or it doesn’t feel right. Trust your gut. Journal, or blog privately, or blog via email to close friends (something I’ve tried this week). Just know whatever you choose to do is right. Love you.

  • Jackie Rubenstein

    Hi Marisa,
    You don’t know me, but I’m an old NFTY friend of your folks and have met you through your blog via your Dad’s Facebook. I have been continually impressed by your courage, kindness, and writing ability and, particularly after this piece, wanted to send you some good thoughts, support, and thanks for putting yourself out there for other people–it was so considerate of you to re-blog older pieces as you decided to take some time for yourself! I am also a writer and know what it’s like to decide that it is better not to write for others sometimes! If it feels right to you, you might enjoy the chance to write just for yourself, or for your family–sometimes I find it is when I am most upset that writing does me the most good–either by getting it down on paper to process or just by getting it down and out of me! I appreciated and admire the good you put out into the world and wanted you to know that others–even people like me whom you’ve never met–are sending good and positive thoughts your way.
    Jackie Rubenstein