Weekend of Anniversaries Part 2

I spoke yesterday about how this past weekend was two anniversary dates for me. Saturday was the date of my first kock pouch surgery.

Sunday, January 6th was the date of my second surgery. I had my first surgery in August when I was 15 years old. I had a total colectomy and a Jpouch made in one step. I developed a severe wound infection a few days later that was so bad they needed to re-open my incision at my bedside. I could not believe my incision was so deep after that. At that point I had never even heard of complications before so needing to have a visiting nurse come in a few times a week and learn how to change the dressings a couple times a day with my mom was so foreign to me.

I never really got better after that surgery. My appetite never returned and I just never got my strength back. My doctor told my parents it was just the stress of the wound infection. My doctor also told them that it was pretty clear I developed an eating disorder since I kept insisting I felt full after only a few bites of food. Anyway, since I know I have written about this before I will fast forward to January when the decision was made to give me a temporary ileostomy. Fistulas had been discovered in my Jpouch causing abscesses in my pelvic area, thus the reason for my symptoms. This surgery was supposed to divert stool away from my Jpouch and allow everything to heal.

For anyone who has been following me and my story, you know that did not end up being the case so January 6th really ended up being the first day of the rest of my life. Little did I know but the morning of that date ten years ago was the last time I would ever go to the bathroom like a “normal” person.

Kind of weird to think about!

  • Jodi

    You have come so far! I am so proud of you and the strength and courage you have shown through ALL of this. You continue to amaze me, brave girl!
    love you.