Today is the first day of Crohns/Colitis Awareness Week! Please, please, please take the time to read my story if you haven’t already. I am trying so incredibly hard to show the world how devastating these diseases can be. It isn’t just take medicine and go about your merry way. The few news segments I have seen make me want to cry because they are so inaccurate. This story is long but also only 10percent of what I have been through. Very difficult to put 12 years of hell into words. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read what I kept in for 12 long years.

  • Jodi

    Okay- don’t know why it didn’t save, but I will re-send…..I hope I remember all my words…
    Marisa, you have come a very long way from Sept 3. This blog has helped you, those like you, and those of us who can only sit on the side and offer love and support. You are an incredible, strong, intuitive, compassionate young woman. I know there are only great things that are ahead for you, even if there are setbacks. You have grown so much. I know you don’t feel as though you are where you want to be, but from reading your blog, I know you will get there. In the mean time, where you are now is so incredible. Your words have changed lives and our world in many positive ways.
    In a way, I feel like this is and was your birth-day, having given “birth” to this blog, that has touched so many lives.
    I love you and am so proud of the wonderful woman you have become.