The Role of Television in Our Lives

The role of television in most of our lives is pretty enormous. This is the case for many reasons: 1) it represents a stable force in peoples’ lives, 2) it is a great way to escape, 3) it acts as a catharsis, and 4) it drowns things out to name only some of those reasons. Television has been the greatest thing in my life (aside from my family and friends of course) for me during those many, many times when I was recovering. I feel like I have honestly spent the majority of my life recovering from something and through it all, television has always been there for me to take the pain away for just a little while.

When we watch TV, we are able to engross ourselves in the lives of whatever characters are on the television. We are able to escape from our own problems and delve into the fictional tribulations of other people. Television represents one of the greatest ways that we as human beings use to escape. We so desperately need something to drown out the voices in our heads that cause us anxiety or make us afraid. We so badly need this type of distraction with the type of society we are living in now where we are never really “away” from work or our responsibilities as we can always be reached. Often times throughout our lives, we have witnessed or heard an argument or have been caught in a situation we wish we could just block out of our heads. Well, television is an excellent way to do that.

It isn’t a mystery why television is so popular. I don’t know what I would have done without it for so many years. It made the days go by faster, it brought me comedic relief, and was just the only way sometimes for me to escape the painful thoughts and feelings I was experiencing. I obviously don’t recommend you watch television constantly throughout the day and night, drowning out every single problem you have, and never dealing with it.

But, it is good to know when you need that escape for a little while; television is there for you…