Stick with What Works (separate from #NHBPM)

I have been sans power since Monday of last week. Needless to say, it is getting old. I was upstate with one of my dogs like I mentioned in a previous post but with the upcoming storm, I came back late Tuesday night. All of us in the northeast who have been affected by the storm have their routines altered. People have either relocated until the power can be restored, getting to work can be challenging, lack of internet makes simple tasks hard, etc. There is a lot of disruption in the lives of those affected by Hurricane Sandy and whatever this new nor’easter is. One of the things that this whole situation started me thinking about was how the measures we have taken in the past when our routines and lives were disrupted that ended up giving us comfort, is something that we should remember.

I am an extremely routine oriented person. I am a planner. I like to know what is going on. But since we can’t always plan for the unexpected, we should look for ways to maintain our mental health and feel somewhat balanced. The things that have worked for me in the past like journaling, exercising (if possible) and eating well are the things that I know keep me mentally balanced. I am not really able to go out and exercise now and the food I have available is not the healthiest but what I do have is writing. I have been able to write on the computer in short spurts even though I am sure it doesn’t seem like it with all of my recent new posts. I have been writing a lot in my journal which I know I can count on regardless of what is going on. I am trying to use it as a ways to keep track of my emotions and thoughts. It helps to keep things in perspective for me because oftentimes I get anxious and breaking down the issues point by point helps me to really understand them. I also have a hard time when I am not eating well (digestion as most of you know is a big deal for me) so I am trying to learn other ways that will allow my mind and body to be somewhat okay with this change of routine.

I think it is important for all of us to remember what has worked for us in difficult situations in the past. Those things will generally always be there for you. Writing will always be there. Reading will always be there. I know there are certain things that are hard to manage but if you have at least one thing in your life that you know helps you feel more focused and in control during times of turmoil, my advice is to stick to it. Why mess with what works? If you know wearing green helps to calm your nerves then wear green! Okay stupid example but I think you get the gist. Stick with what works if at all possible…and it can make a difficult time a little easier for your mind and body to handle.

  • Jodi

    excellent point! now- I am off to the gym. :) (keeps me sane)