Start With What You Know

I was watching a something on television very briefly with Cher and David Geffen that I honestly cannot even tell you the name of. However, even though this documentary was not my cup of tea, David Geffen said something that I just loved because it I felt it captured the essence of what I am currently struggling with at this point in my life.

“Start with what you know. You will never know where it’ll take you.” – David Geffen

I know how unbelievably simple this sounds but hearing those words just resonated with me. I have been “taken out of life” on and off for so many years and it is quite difficult to get things together in my mind enough for me to create an actual career path right now as I wrote about here These words made me think about how baby steps really will end up turning into something if you continue to build on them.

I thought this was a great thing to share because it is something I feel a lot of us, myself included, lose sight of. We all have things that we are passionate about and things we know we excel at. Even if it something you consider insignificant. You start small and begin with something you are comfortable with that you know you will have success at. Once you have one foot in the door, you never know who you will meet or what can happen. You just have no idea once you start where you will end up. None of us do. But, if you begin to step your feet in an area that you like, that you are comfortable with, that you enjoy, that you are fairly knowledgeable about, it will open the door for a lot of other opportunities when you are ready to embrace them.

  • Jodi

    simple, but makes total sense.You are definitely moving in a great direction.

    • rissy26

      : ) xoxox Jodi

    • rissy26

      so simple…so true ; )

  • val0525Va

    One small baby step at a time.