Day 27: “If I Could Go Anywhere…”

The prompt for day 27 of National Health Blog Post Month is to complete the sentence “If I could go anywhere…” I wasn’t going to write about this topic initially because I thought I would seem boring but after thinking about it further, I realized that my response to this question IS very telling about my personality. If I could go anywhere, I would go to Canada. Seems strange and sort of random, right? Let me tell you briefly why I would pick Canada if I could go anywhere.

I’ve basically never been out of the United States. I went to the Bahamas some point before I got sick but I don’t think that really counts. My illness has made it virtually impossible for me to travel. I have been on such a rollercoaster and feel like I haven’t had a second to enjoy anything. Being upstate is my “happy place” where things usually are pretty good and just this past weekend the bag leaked. I know it could have happened anywhere but still…it made me realize that I can’t escape my body. This past weekend has made me realize that regardless of where I go, what I am doing, or who I am with, I cannot escape me. Given that I have to accept my body and all its limitations, I would like to travel to someplace new and different but also one that doesn’t seem like it would be so completely different than what I am use to. I know the healthcare system in Canada is different than the US, but other than that I get the impression that life in Canada is pretty similar to the one I am accustomed to.

I would absolutely love to travel and look forward to doing so in the future. It is honestly quite difficult for me to think about traveling right now given the weekend I just had but thinking about going to Canada and being in a different country is exciting to me. And it is also realistic. I could say I would love to see the moon but realistically, that will never happen nor would I want it to. Canada, to me, offers a change of scenery, different kind of people, and a change in culture that is not too far departed from what I am used to.

  • tburgess57

    You would like it up here. NY and Ontario are very similar.

    • rissy26

      If I come, I MIGHT let you know : )